About Us

photo1croppedWhimsy is the partner of choice for safe reliable service protecting your interests.

Whimsy intermodal is a domestic drayage company handling all container traffic international and domestic through the Chicago & Kansas City rails to and from points in the Midwest and beyond.  Whimsy is the choice to provide a safe and reliable service for all import & export containers between the central region of the USA and all global markets.

Our safety rating is regarded as one of the best in the industry and it has enabled us to enjoy a preferred status by many premier businesses that place a high value on safe and reliable service.  This accomplishment has resulted in Whimsy Trucking being recognized as a leader throughout the central region for its intermodal service.  This achievement has also helped us develop our two valuable niche markets: handling heavy containers with our tri-axle fleet and being a preferred handler of hazardous containers with most Whimsy drivers being haz-mat certified.

Why choose Whimsy?

Our customers enjoy:

  • High quality customer service – We respond in a timely fashion to all your needs
  • All shipments are carefully monitored – tracked – traced – for on time shipments
  • High care selecting containers to satisfy customer & can clean upon request
  • Attentive to all customer’s special requirements

Additional Services

  • Blocking & bracing with ty-gard for all loads as required
  • Warehousing
  • Rail transport
  • Yard storage